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Clear Perspex Signs

  • Clear acrylic signs for corporate or personal use
  • High quality, full colour print on the back of the perspex glass
  • Photo quality vinyl mounted or direct UV print (depending on specifics of particular sign)
  • Fantastic family photo gift idea
  • Best choice for elegant corporate message signs
  • Clear acrylic/perspex panels to be mounted on walls
  • Great for apartment blocks and company front office signage
Clear acrylic sign with wall mounts /stand offs
  • Clear acrylic sign with wall mounts /stand offs
  • 5mm Clear Perspex family photo printed
  • Clear Perspex Transparent Sign with spot white backing

Clear Perspex Panels with Wall Mounts (stand offs)

We specialise in printing on clear acrylic panels making beautiful signs from your photograph or design supplied. The main purpose of perspex signs is to stand out. They shout with prestige when you look at them comparing to traditional wall display solutions. For that reason you will find clear acrylic signs used for high profile office displays, corporate messages or front office logos.

Printing on acrylic

Production of acrylic sign starts with cutting your panel to specific size or even shape as per your request. Following that the panel is usually polished on the edges. Then we produce printed signs in either of the following ways:

- Direct print to the underside of clear acrylic panel. The panel is printed on UV ink digital flatbed machine. During printing white ink layer is applied automatically to cover the actual image ink layer. White backing is applied to make all the colours stand out (otherwise the print would look translucent mixing with your walls colour). Usually the whole panel is backed with white but this technology also allows spot white backing. This means that certain areas can stay completely transparent leaving for example just your logo backed with white to enhance the look.

- Applying digital vinyl onto perspex panels. Artwork files are printed in reverse onto clear vinyl and then backed in white. After cutting printed vinyl the graphic is mounted on the back of the clear panel.

Printed acrylic wall signs are perfect for office reception wall displays, museum displays, exhibition stands, internal and external wall mounted signage, corporate logos as well as beautiful family photos (recommended as a stunning gift idea).

5mm Clear Perspex Panels Prices* (standard popular sizes)

Size Price EACH
A4 Acrylic / Perspex panels 210x297mm (8.3" x 11.7") £35+vat
A3 Acrylic / Perspex panels 297x420mm (11.7" x 16.5") £40+vat
A2 Acrylic / Perspex panels 420x594mm (16.5" x 23.4") £55+vat
A1 Acrylic / Perspex panels 594x841mm (23.4" x 33.1") £98+vat
A0 Acrylic / Perspex panels 841x1189mm (33.1" x 46.8") £135+vat

Wall mounts (supports) £3+vat each.
Normally 4 Wall mounts required (one in each corner). 

Custom sizes of perspex signs available. Please email or call for details.

* prices exclude VAT and delivery. Carriage from £10+vat.

Discounts for higher quantities, please email us or call 0161 764 9440.

Minimum order value: £25+vat

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a synthetic material (containing derivatives of acrylic acid) which combines the practicality and durability of plastic with elegant glass-like look.

What is Perspex?

Perspex is a leading acrylic material brand owned by Lucite International. The term has become widely popular and known becoming a name that is used interchangeably to describe acrylic material. Other names include: Plexiglas, Lucite, GreenCast, AcryCast and Crystallite.

How can I download your sample images?

Please click the links below (and then right click to save on your computer):

Clear acrylic sign with wall mounts /stand offs Clear acrylic sign with wall mounts /stand offs
5mm Clear Perspex family photo printed 5mm Clear Perspex family photo printed
Clear Perspex Transparent Sign with spot white backing Clear Perspex Transparent Sign with spot white backing

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  • ♦ Wait for confirmation of prices and artwork if required.
  • ♦ We will collect card payment over the phone (or bank transfer) before proceeding with the print.
  • Printing, finishing, packing and despatching.

The whole process takes usually 3-5 working days. Feel free to contact us regarding your deadline, artwork or any question you may have.




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