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Don't forget about Christmas banners and signs! If you run a hotel or restaurant it's time to think about Christmas booking signs and banners. This website is mainly about perspex printing but here at Carrick Signs we print on virtually any substrate whether it's a pvc banner or rigid board of any kind, so we can sort out all your Christmas banners, boards and poster!

Perspex Signs

Perspex Signs, also called Acrylic Signs, are the most noble out of all types of signage. Especially the CLEAR perspex signs create very seductive effect with its high quality digital print trapped behind crystal-like acrylic glass panel. Looking at your photo or design through the shiny perspex layer adds the special sparkle and premium look value. Even the same sign will look different in different light conditions and different view angles catching beautiful light reflections.

Printed acrylic wall signs are perfect for office reception wall displays, museum displays, exhibition stands, internal and external wall mounted signage, corporate logos as well as beautiful family photos (recommended as a stunning gift idea).

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